When you can't do it alone!

This Is How Our Story Began

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     In 1984, there was no Fray Family organization, but there were 5 teenagers between the ages 14 and 19 that were very tight, close knit siblings.  They were raised to think of others first always and no matter what they had or didn’t have, others needed more help than them.   Coming from the city of Toronto and moving to a rural area in 1975, they were exposed to another way of living other than inside the city and growing up on a 200 acres farm allowed them to experience life a lot different than kids in the urban cities.   The idea of raising their families together as adults was one of their goals but as daily life gets thrown at them, they all are pulled in different directions with their own immediate families.  There was one thing that kept them together as a family, music.  Their love for music as a family started at church and extended into a large part of each of their adult lives.  Since the middle of the 1980’s,  the fray family has been involved with the music community not just in Canada but around the world.   (SELECTIONS - R&B/GOSPEL recording group from 1986 - present)

     The family not only were successful musicians but they felt the need to give back to their community as they were taught growing up.  Jeremy Fray, with his wife, gave up his home and belongings and spent a year on the streets of Toronto to help the homeless, learn about their needs and advocate for their survival.  Margaret Fray-Smith chose to open up her home to countless impoverished, underprivileged youth who were thrown into a government system that did not look out for their best interest.  Margaret also adopted some of the kids to make sure they would all stay together as siblings and not be spread out in different homes around the province.  Cameron Fray, started multiple choirs for youth to get them off the streets.  He was an advocate for fatherless kids and the need to have fathers be with their children.


     Sadly and unfortunately,  Jeremy Fray passed away in December 2008 at the age of 42.   Cameron Fray passed away in 2017 at the age of 47 and Margaret Fray-Smith passed away in 2019 at the age of 54. 


     With Cedric Fray Jr battling health issues, Tim Fray took a look at what the family legacy was and saw a need to give back more of his time and resources to underprivileged young people.  “What are we leaving behind for our young people?” was a question Tim had after the death of Cameron and upon learning that his only sister was riddled with cancer.   Tim took a quick detour to Bermuda in 2018 after his brother in christ, Steve Easton died of health issues.   Steve’s death further cemented Tim’s belief that giving back more and paying it forward to the youth is imperative.   

     One of the programs from the Fray Family Foundation was born.   The SIX Element Music Group.  An artist development program that helps artists with every aspect of their growth through their VISION, FOUNDATION, COMMITMENT, PASSION, TEAM and PERFORMANCE.  As the program was developed, we wanted to also help the grade school kids have the opportunity to work through school with the help of the right tools and decided to launch BackPack Love Fund, a program to provide Backpacks filled with school supplies for underprivileged kids.   Our Music Development Fund program also provides artists with monetary assistance for their projects, i.e. studio recording time, digital marketing, touring showcases.   Quarterly applicants are chosen and rewarded with the funds for their projects.


     Fray Family Foundation is a part of the Collective Music Nation, One Voice, Strength in Unity, and we believe that when you can’t do it alone, someone with a helping hand needs to believe in you and show support not only in words but action.



Fray Family Foundation

Meet Our Board of Directors

Tim Fray

Founder & President

Tim was born in Montreal and raised in Toronto. 

Tim has been a member of the Juno Nominee recording group Selections since 1986 and has performed with many soloist and groups including Deborah Cox, Salome Bey, Keith Washington, Chin Injeti to name a few. With his technical background as a midi/sound tech and natural feel and vision for writing music, he began producing and engineering music of many genres including jazz, reggae, hip-hop and R&B from the early 90’s.

The SIX Element Music Group was developed by Tim, a program that focus on giving back to artist that needs direction with their career.  He evaluates and consults with artist for the purpose of developing them into world class performers with maximum impact. Tim’s hope is to share his resources Nationally and across North America with bringing together ALL collective associations under ‘One Voice United’ through The Collective Music Nation with Fray Family Foundation.

Nathaniel Fray-Smith


Nathaniel has been working within the collective music industry with youth over the last 15 years. He also has many years of experience as an artist and has traveled around the world singing backup for Juno Award recipient Kirk Diamond and other artists. Nathaniel, with his partners at The Experience Elements puts on events for the Collective Industry like ‘Social Sundae’ and ‘The Black Marketplace’ for young entrepreneurs. From acting and modeling for commercials and magazines as a child to acting and singing in concert halls in Canada and abroad, Nathaniels’ voice will be welcomed at the Fray Family Foundation

Ron Brandt


Ron was born in Vancouver and started in CKVN Radio at the age of thirteen. Moving from live Radio into production, he was involved in producing and engineering all Concert radio commercials coming to Canada through Perryscope Productions & CPI. Eventually Ron moved into radio syndication to over 80 Radio Stations across Canada with a yearly show called “Countdown Canada”.

An opportunity came up and Ron moved to Toronto in 1989. Then decided to go back to school and study at Trebas Institute graduating with a Diploma in Music Business Administration, managing bands and producing music. His first Artist Management Agreement was with a Reggae Band called Sunforce. In 1992, PR Music Management was formed helping Artists, with their business plans.

Currently, Ron is a member of CARAS, still does artist management, and continues to support and nurture artist development especially in collective styles of music.

Patti Fray


Patti Fray started her adventure in service inside the hospitality industry over 20 years ago with Hobos restaurant.  Gaining knowledge and experience in front of house operations, administration, bartending in both family style restaurants and banquet halls.  Patti's love of Design and Fashion led her to completing a  degree in Architectural Technology and Retail Management.  Although retail has been where here career has taken her, she has never fully left hospitality.  With a love of helping others, and a strong analytical mind and a flare for organization,

Patti has a strong understanding of the importance of a people first and as a part of the Fray family, Patti will be a great asset leading the charge forward passing on the effort to pay it forward to the next Fray generation. 

Foundation Address:

1121 Bellamy Rd N,  Scarborough, ON M1H 3B9



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